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Now here is some talent! i suggest you divert your abilities to this kind of art!

khote khote

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making these

Manishan Manishan

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this sucks

manishan responds:

ok i Accept this sucks but why?

Snake eats terrorists! Snake eats terrorists!

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this is sad

terrible and not funny please make ART

Mozaralio responds:

Everyone is entitled to there own opinion however that was not helpfull critisizm in anyway so until you are ready to actually be an adult and not just a douch, please do not log onto newgrounds :3
Also read the discription...

Scout Scout

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i know nothing about so sue me!

Spiderman and Iron Man Spiderman and Iron Man

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you have skills!

Media-Masters Grunge Media-Masters Grunge

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Thank you

this is going to be my backround pic!

good job!